Board of Directors

These remarkable individuals, who comprise our Board of Directors, are elected during our Annual General Meeting (AGM). At this important gathering, any member in good standing has the opportunity to be considered for a director position. This democratic process reflects our club’s commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that every member’s voice is heard. It is through this transparent and open election process that our dedicated directors are chosen to guide our club towards continued excellence and community engagement.

  • Julie Van Damme, President
  • Tobin Richardson, Vice President
  • Lyn Sweet, Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Lyn Sweet/Julie Van Damme, Communication Portfolio
  • Alan Kerkhof, Past President, Membership Portfolio
  • Cheryl Apers, League Convenor Portfolio
  • Derrick Kilbride, Youth Curling Portfolio
  • Jeff Wilbur, Building Portfolio
  • Jered Sweet, Advertising & Fundraising Portfolio
  • John Berkvens, Tier 55