Staff and Volunteers

Our club operations thrive and flourish thanks to the invaluable support and dedication of our exceptional staff and volunteers. Their commitment and tireless efforts ensure the smooth functioning of our organization, making all our curling experiences possible.

Our professional staff members bring their expertise and passion for curling to every aspect of our club operations. From managing the ice conditions and coordinating leagues and events to providing coaching and instruction, they play a pivotal role in delivering high-quality programs and services. Their knowledge and skill contribute to creating a positive and enriching environment for all our members.

The heart and soul of our organization lies in the unwavering commitment of our dedicated volunteers. These individuals generously contribute their time, energy, and talents to support various aspects of our club. Whether it’s assisting with league organization, event planning, fundraising efforts, or facility maintenance, our volunteers are the backbone of our operations. Their selfless contributions make a significant impact on the success of our club and the overall experience of our members.

The support of our staff and volunteers extends beyond the tasks they undertake. They foster a strong sense of community and camaraderie within our club. Their warm smiles, friendly interactions, and willingness to lend a helping hand create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all who walk through our doors. Their passion for curling and dedication to our organization help forge connections, build friendships, and make our club feel like a second home.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every staff member and volunteer who plays a vital role in our club’s operations. Their contributions, both big and small, are invaluable and greatly appreciated. We recognize their hard work, selflessness, and commitment to our shared passion for curling. Without their dedication, our club would not be the vibrant and thriving community it is today.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we rely on the ongoing support of our staff and volunteers. Together, we celebrate their remarkable efforts and express our deepest gratitude for their indispensable role in making our club a cherished and thriving organization.

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