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Celebrating Registration Event Winners

The Sydenham Community Curling Club is delighted to announce the winners from our recent registration event. This special occasion was part of our initiative to welcome new and returning members for the upcoming season, celebrating the community spirit inherent in curling.

We are thrilled to award Tracey Johnston with a Free Learn To Curl session. Paul’s enthusiasm for curling shines through, and this prize offers him a fantastic opportunity to develop his skills and enjoy the camaraderie that our sport fosters. Our experienced instructors are eager to share their love for the game.

Jane McGee has earned a ½ Price Membership for helping a new curler sign up. Her efforts in growing our community are truly commendable, and this reward is a small token of our appreciation. We’re excited to see Jane’s continued passion for curling.

Janet Apers is the lucky recipient of Jay Leno Tickets. This prize promises an evening of laughter and entertainment, and we can’t wait to hear about her experience. Congratulations, Janet, on this wonderful win!

Wayne Negrave receives a ½ Price Membership. We look forward to seeing Wayne’s continued engagement both on and off the ice.

The Sydenham Community Curling Club thanks everyone who participated in our registration event. Your involvement is vital in keeping our club vibrant and welcoming. We’re excited to have such an enthusiastic group of members this season.

To those who weren’t selected this time, we have many more engaging events and opportunities planned. Stay connected with us for future announcements and activities.