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A Festive Fling: Fun and Games at the Christmas Jitney

Curling: Rolling Dice and Scoring High

The Christmas Jitney brought a playful twist to the traditional game of curling. Teams, donned in their festive Christmas attire, added a splash of color to the ice with their T-shirts, pajamas, sweaters, and hats. The unique addition of dice-rolling at the end of each end transformed the scoring into an exciting game of chance. The blend of skilled shots and the unpredictability of the dice created an atmosphere of suspense and laughter.

Candy Cane Game: Squat, Hook, and Collect

The Candy Cane Game was a true test of agility and holiday spirit. Participants had a string with a candy cane tied around their waist, and their challenge was to squat and use the candy cane as a hook to collect other candy canes into a bucket. This game was not only fun but also a surprising workout, especially for the legs. The sight of players squatting and strategizing to hook the candy canes offered both amusement and admiration.

Socialization: Mingling and Making Memories

The clubhouse served as a hub for relaxation and socialization. The warmth and joy of the participants filled the space with a festive vibe. Curlers and guests mingled, sharing stories and laughter, truly embodying the holiday spirit. This pre-holiday gathering was a perfect opportunity for community members to unwind and connect, strengthening bonds over shared experiences on and off the ice.

Team Photos: A Snapshot of Joy

As the event concluded, each team gathered for a group photo, capturing the essence of the evening. These photos showcased the vibrant Christmas attire and the cheerful spirits of the participants. The diversity of the teams, from their outfits to their smiles, highlighted the fun and friendship that the Jitney fostered.

In summary, the Christmas Jitney was an event that celebrated more than just curling. It was a delightful blend of quirky games, festive attire, and the warmth of community spirit, making it a memorable evening for all who participated.