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Fun on Ice: SCCC and CKPL’s Community Day

We recently had a super fun day at the Sydenham Community Curling Club (SCCC) when we joined forces with the Chatham-Kent Public Library (CKPL). It was a day packed with curling action and learning that brought together families and kids, making it a memorable experience for everyone involved.

The turnout was just amazing. We welcomed a bunch of kids and their families, and it was heartwarming to see people from different places coming together. They got a taste of curling and explored what CKPL offers. And let me tell you, the smiles and laughter were everywhere!

One of the coolest outcomes was the spike in interest for our Little Rocks program and the ‘Learn to Curl’ sessions. Quite a few families asked about these, showing us that there’s a growing curiosity about curling in our community.

We’re looking forward to more opportunities to team up with CKPL and bring unique experiences to our community. It’s all about having fun, learning new things, and bringing people together.

A huge thanks to everyone who played a part in this. It was a standout day for both SCCC and CKPL, and we’re excited about what’s next.