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Introducing: Guest Pass and Semester Season Pass

New Ways To Play

In our ongoing effort to enhance the curling experience at the Sydenham Community Curling Club, the board of directors is excited to announce two new membership options: the Guest Pass and the Semester Season Pass. These options have been designed to provide greater flexibility and access for both members and non-members alike.

Guest Pass

  • Eligibility: Open to all non-members.
  • Usage: Can participate in any league or as a spare, subject to availability.
  • Requirements:
    • Must be sponsored by a full member.
    • Participation is at the league convenor’s discretion.
  • Payment: $30 per session, payable at the club during the event.
  • Limitations: Maximum of three uses per year.
  • Additional: Waivers required for each session.

Semester Season Pass

  • Scope: Participation in one of the two semesters of the curling season.
  • Semesters:
    • Semester 1: From season start to January 12.
    • Semester 2: From January 14 to season end.
  • Applicable Leagues (2023-2024 Season): Eligible for Sunday Sinners, Monday Noon Drop-In, and Thursday Morning, Drop-In leagues and sparing opportunities.
  • Cost: $300, plus the capital levy.

Note: More details will be shared as the process is formalized.